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This section of this website will include Case links to letters sent to the Chief Executive Officer and the Commander in Chief for the DC based United States Corp. (incorporated) and to military offices under the President that need to become educated on how our nation has been slowly couped by enemies behind our gates, agents of the Crown and Vatican system. 

The Chief Executive Officer and the Commander in Chief for the DC based United States Corp. (incorporated) pursuant to Respondeat Superior doctrine is responsible for the acts of all employees under the Chief Executive Officer / Commander in Chief for the DC based United States Corp. (incorporated) which is responsible for the State of State Sub Corporations under it including the ROGUE leftist socialist states like the SOCIALIST STATE OF CALIFORNIA Corp. 

Please note that the District of Columbia U.S. Corporation [Title 28 Section 3002 (15)(a)] is not the Organic The United States of America or The United States (un-Incorporated) created by organic acts of the Founding fathers / framers. It is a fact that the current US Corp. traces its chain of Title back to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Crown Corporation of London, Holy See directed Act of 1871 that created U. S. Corp., which is  not the Organic we the people founded organic United States but merely a foreign corporation that 

have usurped Authority over the people on these United State of America through acts of fraud, sedition, perfidy, deceit, RICO which acts have been invented by banned foreign agents that have illegally been operating in Government in America since when they were banned from our nation under the Titles of Nobility Amendment dealt with below. 

Merriam-Webster defines “organic” as “of, relating to, or constituting the law by which a government or organization exists”. In the front of Volume One of the United States Code, you will find the heading Organic Laws of the United States of America.The document fails to mention that a Counterfeit United States was created through the Act of 1871 which successor Bankrupt entity has been operating as if it was the original The United States of America / The United States - unincorporated, which it is no such thing!

The four Organic Laws listed that led to the creation of The United States of America in the order of their occurrence, are:

  1. The Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776
  2. The Articles of Confederation of November 15, 1777
  3. Northwest Ordinance of July 13, 1787
  4. Constitution of September 17, 1787

You will note that these act do not include the Act of 1871 that created the Current UNITED STATES Mutual Corporation.

Following you will find a list of so called Court cases and other legal actions that Government Oversight investigators / monitors were asked to assist with in dispensing by those defending against being defrauded by foreign agents/attorneys (Petty Fogging Shyters) who allege themselves to be Officers of the STATE OF CALIFORNIA Corporation, a fact that they have been incapable of proving.

Each case listed on this page evidences acts of Sedition, Treason, Perfidy, fraud and R.I.C.O. by so called (alleged) STATE OF CALIFORNIA "Government" agents and officers. Each case  published here has been published to expose the blatant tyrannical despotism that has long been practiced by so called attorneys working for domestic terrorist operations / RICO, being passed off as the STATE OF CALIFORNIA and so called law forms. All of which are engaged in generating simulated legal process in an attempt to  thieve life, property and unalienable rights from the American people without any lawful cause or venue to do so what so ever. These entire actions rely on the ignorance of the American people and outright fraud in every step through the process of a so called legal action all of which are based on the movement of Simulated Legal Actions being passed off by attorneys / Court clerks and Administrators as the real thing. 

Every Single Court case moving through California courts and most like all courts in America are a simulated legal process and a legal nullity. Why?

  • All courts are private for profit BAR attorney Courts masquerading as lawful state Courts
  • All BAR Courts have undisclosed Securitees / Bonds running behind every case which superseed interests of justice and fair play making every court culpable for fraud on the Court by the Court. This evidences Court is not a lawful Court of Record and the Judge is not an Independent trier of facts.
  • All Attorneys on both sides of the bench were banned from Governance by Titles of Nobility Act 1810. “Law-breakers cannot make law or enforce the law. Every Act, Law, decision, court ruling, treaty, contract and agreement made after enactment of T.O.N.A. (Ratified in 1810, enacted in 1819) made by foreign agents masquerading as government Officers or that stood on prior acts tainted by previous banned foreign agents are a legal nullity and void ab initio, nunc pro tunc”  
  • Fake Summons - California Government Code 68076, CCP 153
  • Criminal Complaint wrong Plaintiff - See California Government Code 100 for the proper We the people Plaintiff
  • Every Summons is in the name of a Fake Court Name never created by the legislature
  • Fake stamp not a Seal mandated by legislature, See:

"... It is therefore to all intents and purposes an execution, and the statute expressly requires that it must issue under the seal of the court. Without the seal it is void. We cannot distinguish it from any other writ or process in this particular". 

Aetna Insurance Co. v. Hallock, 73 U.S. 556 18 L. Ed. 948, 1868 is binding on all the courts of the United States of America until another Supreme Court case says it isn't. No other Supreme Court case has ever overturned Aetna Insurance Co. v. Hallock, 73 U.S. 556 18 L. Ed. 948, 1868. None of the various issues of Aetna Insurance Co. v. Hallock, 73 U.S. 556 18 L. Ed. 948, 1868 has ever been overruled since 1868. No inferior Court or State Supreme Court has any discretion to ignore it!

  • No properly Oathed Judges all of whom are actors. In california the Proper Oath is Given at Article 20 Section 3. Constitution demands the entire no oath not an excerpt.
  • In California, all attorneys operating without the license to practice law pursuant to Bus. Professions Code 6067/6068
  • No Judge can prove that they were licensed to practice law for ten years prior to becoming a judge pursuant to Bus. Professions Code 6067/6068

For the reasons stated The entire U.S. legal system is R.I.C.O. and a fraud from end to end. All Americans are being operated on as if all elected to be Inhabitants of the DC United States (Incorporated) instead of people of the United States (unincorporated) as American nationals / state national (Inhabitant of the United States (Corp.) status is a remnant from the Treaty of Paris). The Treaty of Paris (TOP) needed to cater two classes of people living in America post the War of Independence. That being "people of the United States" and "Inhabitants of the United States which the later were those British Loyalists that had residence in DC and wanted to remain under British Crown (a.k.a. as Resident). The 14th Amendment was enacted to make all Americans Territorial Citizens of the District of Columbia which act Internally Displaced every American from their Birth Right status as an American / state national.

The following cases evidence violations of our organic law (English Common Law Codified in the STATE OF CALIFORNIA Corporation code at California Civil Code 22.2) and rampant violations of the foreign STATE of CALIFORNIA Corporation's own private rules being forced on Americans by those claiming that they are working The State of California which they have failed to prove.

All the simulated legal actions presented below as lawful "Court cases" of which they are no such thing, exposed herein have triggered Notices which have been issued pursuant to the United States Code, Title 10 Section 253 for a violation of State and United States Federal Law to the President of the Crown Territorial United States.

Each of the violations below have caused Immeasurable harm to the private Americans that had no idea that they had been converted in to a foreigner by foreign agents of the United States Corporation/STATE OF CALIFORNIA Corporation which is in fact the crimes of Human Trafficking and an International War crime.

Let us be real about the nature of this crime. Lets assume the District of Columbia is 4000 miles from Oakland California. Someone born in the nation state of California surely would expect to be a Californian and dis not expect to later classed as a District of Columbia Citizen?  To make this crime easier to comprehend. If I was born in London England then I would not expect to be given a Russian passport! This is exactly what the UNITED STATES through its fifty STATE OF STATE Sub Corporations is doing to every American and it is doing it for the purpose of Human Trafficking every American. Human Trafficking is against International law!

Regardless of what foreign agents of the District of Criminals De facto agencies may claim, any legal act executed with out proper disclosure is an act of fraud and a nullity. The leadership of the STATE OF CALIFORNIA is responsible for the damages cause to each American through the frauds that it is condoning in its name which have been noticed to STATE OF CALIFORNIA Corporation Officers, Employees, agents which in this writers opinion are all actors pretending to be government and have been unable to prove evidence of their Governmental status. 

Since the culprits of these crimes have failed to cease and desist their criminal activity, and their STATE OF CALIFORNIA Superiors have failed to stop their employees criminal activities,  Notices evidencing violations of the unalienable rights the California people pursuant to Title 10 Section 253 have been issued to the Office of the President, Chief Executive Officer of the United States Corporation. The President through his high Corporate Office stands over all executive Officers for the fifty State of State US Sub - Corporations which includes the STATE OF CALIFORNIA Corporation and the Governor of that foreign DC Corporation.

We ask the President reign in his employees for their unending criminal activities and that the purportrat6ers of these crimes be tried and punished in accordance with the Private rules and codes of the United States and the State of California Corp. which each offender has alleged to have sworn an Oath to uphold.

Unless the President acts, State of California foreign corporate actors will unashamedly continue to engage in RICO, International War Crimes, Sedition and Treason with impunity and its actor / agents will continue to use their fake Offices under the STATE OF CALIFORNIA Corp. to engage in their criminal activities best described as legal plunder and land piracy. All of these illegal activities are enacted under color of Office, color of Authority, color of Law.

All American people have a duty to expose all those agents calling themselves Government that are engaged in a pattern and practice (RICO) of criminal activity. All STATE OF STATE Career criminal / actors must be exposed by every American and I encourage all to rely on US Code Title 10 Section 253 to do as we are demonstrating herein.

It is no secret to even foreign agents of the United States Government that the STATE OF CALIFORNIA Government is totally rogue and it has wondered off the reservation! We will prove through the cases published herein that it is openly employing Actors, to thieve from the Californian people and by doing so openly violating the foreign Private rules and codes (29 Private Corporate Rules and Codes) of the STATE OF CALIFORNIA. This is in fact described as Mixed War on the California people which is relying on color of Office, color of Authority and color of Law to engaged in obvious criminal activity.

The President is so Noticed of State of California violations of State and United States Law through his military agents and officers responsible for honoring the United States own private rules and codes and making sure those claiming to be government stay in check. We ask that a catalog of names be created for law breakers calling themselves Government under the STATE OF CALIFORNIA pertaining to Officers, agents, Attorneys that are engaging in International war crimes such that the President through the military can bring those engaged in these criminal activities under heal through military Court Martial since these foreign agents allegedly are acting pursuuant to Emergency War Powers.