[Draft brain dump ... work in progress... ] Please note that the UNITED STATES Corporation of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA originally created under the Act of 1871 is One stool of New Workd Order triuvirate. US Corp. was created by the Crown - Holy See Crime cartels which are rulled by the so called Black Nobility Illuminati families behind the Roman cult! This UNITED STATES is not an American government or a Country!

Further note that the US Military is NOT American military - its the New World Order Military of the Crown and Holy SEE Corps! There is NO american military today other than the Free militia in the physical states! There are many men in the US military loyal to the The United States of America that have realized that they were lied to their entire lives - lied to so that they could be duped in to fighting NWO Bankster expansionist wars...

PROOF below - see USAF Registration in England: Why is the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE A CROWN REGISTERED CORPORATION (see image below)! THIS EXPLAINS WHY THE USAF is SUPPORTING THE ROTHSCHILDS UN AGENDA! - AGENDA 2030 as is widely reported in alt media. The USAF is clearly DIRECTING DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS AT AMERICA RIGHT NOW AND DUMPING THOUSANDS OF TONS OF POISON VIA AEROSOLES VIA THE USAF IN TO THE ATMOSPHERE (AKA CHEMTRAILS)... click on images below for more on this crime against humanity .... http://www.internallydisplacedpeople.org/joomla30/index.php/idp-breaking-news/247-proof-california-fires-started-by-haarp-directed-energy-weapons 

[Note. The writer does not believe that President Donald Trump is part of the NWO program and we do believe he is trying to do right by America! Unfortunatly we do not know how much he knows about the facts exposed at this site! What happens from here on out in regard to his legacy will be the proof of the pudding concerning where his loyalties really lie! Those awakened watching unfolding events in American and across the world are concerned that he appears to have been brainwashed by the ILLEGAL ZIONIST's unlawfully surrounding him at this time who are operating inside the de facto government in violation of TONA - which is the undisputable LAW OF THE LAND].

PLEASE NOTE numerous articles on TONA have been uploaded here: 



We will attempt to keep this brief.  This page should help all people get awaken in as short as time as possible. It should be of particular help to those creating or joining county safety committees. The flag used on the right is the Canton from The United states of America Civil peace Flag without the Red and White stripes which are a creature of the CROWN - Corporation of London - EAST INDIA CORPs., which is as ANTI-AMERICAN as the War of Independence evidences! It seems to this writer that the flag to the right best represents what is the American portion of the civill flag and it does away with that does not represent America which is the stripes associated with the Crown East India Company Flag! It is for this reason that we have adopted it as a flag for IDP and the county Safety Committee movement that we are looking to catalyze across America and the world! Why the world? Because every Nation has been invaded by the Talmudic - Jesuitical - Satanic parasite class exposed herein on this website. Those that represent the unholy cult of Rome and those that stood it up - the Black Nobility! 

If only Americans would unlearn and learn the truth we could get ourselves out of this mess sooner! http://www.internallydisplacedpeople.org/joomla30/index.php/unlearn/temp-unlearn/mixed-war-and-martial-law-ongoing-in-america-since-1860-s 

What you are about to hear and read is an assimilation of pivotally important data that has taken many Americans a life time of study to assimilate, understand, uncover and expose!

Only a few have been able to break down thousands of documents written in code, that have been digested over decades in some cases; and then be able to explain what has been unearthed in such a way that most Americans would be able to understand what happened to America and what was done to Americans by the silent parasite class that JFK warned us about days before he was murdered by those Black Nobility Families that have been trying to enslave humanity since the fall of Babylon and the Roman cult. [cf. http://www.internallydisplacedpeople.org/joomla30/index.php/truth-bombs/truth-bombs-list/275-metro-1313-head-of-the-beast-in-three-chapters-by-david-a-newby-and-grandma-herman ].

Anna Von Reitz is probably one of the most gifted educators that has come forward to not only to be able to explain what happened but also was able to check mate the Banksters with the help of many passionate patriot Americans that are not afraid to stand on the law of the land and reclaim our Fifty Independent Nation states from the small parasite class that has tried to turn us in to chattel debt slaves; to alter our DNA, maim us, dumb as down through; air, food and water borne poisons, edu-trainmen, enter-trainment, military psychological warfare, blatant lies, indoctrination and historical revisionism. 

The parasite class that run the Global debt slavery and legal system today have been feverishly building their New World Order with wealth stollen from the American people for over 200 years. The parasite class - NEVER wanted the American people to understand the debt slavery system that has nearly enslaved all of humanity and that is responsible for the death of hundreds of millions since they hatched their plan in Bavaria in 1776 to create a One World Order slavery system. The parasite class behind the BLACK NOBILITY did not want Americans to understand what you are just about to unlearn!

The fact that we have collectively figured out their sick and pathetic games leaves the parasites class that violated us over at least the last 200 years naked and without any clothes! They literally thought they could kill us all off before we ever figured out what the bastards were up to! CLICK IMAGES RIGHT FOR ARTCLE ON CHEMTRAILS - GENOCIDE AND DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS being used to vaporize homes across America under the pretense that they are victims of natural fires! The USAF is clearly engaged in SEDITION AND TREASON and those behind should be tried and hung for crimes against humanity!

Some of the parasite families have not yet realized their game is over and that they must now play with all the other adults on the planet or they will be put out with the trash. Some of the silly children have resulted to scorching the earth with Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), HAARP, Chemtrails and other weapons that are currently being DIRECTED at the American people. These slimy underworld creatures are likely claiming on Insurances on all the buildings that they have recently flooded and torched without the American people having any idea this RICO is ongoing! The same parasitic crime cartels that control the HOLY SEE - CROWN military advanced weaponry caused the East Coast Hurricanes and the ongoing fires in California which is tragic for those whose lives have been destroyed! Some of those affected are known to this writer. There is no doubt that in Santa Rosa - DEW and HAARP were unleashed against a peaceful unsuspecting people!

The parasites behind these crimes against humanity should not be trusted with matches let alone militarized cell towers, DEW, HAARP, Chemtrail exotic weapons et al! The used, abused and lied to Americans that have unknowingly staffed the enemy CROWN - HOLY SEE - NWO - UNITED STATES Corporation military seriously need to ask themselves if they support the turning of he most advanced weaponry the world has ever seen being turned on their own homes, their brothers, sisters, mothers, children! Did they join the military to protect America or to destroy America for the NWO and the parasites behind it?

Its a real question that EVERYone in law enforcement, military or the EMPLOY of the NWO FED Corp. - STATE OF STATES needs to ask themselves! The other question to be asked is that do you really think the parasites will be loyal to those confused Americans that are destroying America for the NWO when their programs are complete! If they think they are safe from the NWO plans of the NWO then we would encourage all to look at what happened to the leadership class in China, Russia, Cambodia's revolutions! They were MURDERED for they became the threat  to the so called elite once the millions of ordinary people had been terminated! 

To the Rothschilds and their sycophants, Khazarians - Talmudic - Jesuits - satanists and the foreign CROWN BAR agents that have been genocoding humanity, enslaving humanity across the world - its game is over.

Now its time for the American people and all people to unlearn, to rise up above the insanity that has infected the world because of a small band of pathetic creatures that never grew up! That had morality bred out of them or even worse, that maybe according to researchers are genetically void of the genes that cause the majority to have empathy: http://www.internallydisplacedpeople.org/joomla30/index.php/unlearn/131-km-hidden-history-of-the-incredibly-evil-khazarian-mafia 

It is time to dispense with the parasites whose lineages have been controlling the world for the last six thousand years  and for us ordinary sovereign beings to unite and to create heaven on Earth as it was always meant to be!

Please click on the image to hear what I believe is the best presentation to date on how America got where we are now at and where we are going! More on that later soon! First things first - understand what was done to America and how to straighten out your own circumstances to reclaim your birthright status as an American and state national! DUMP the notion that you are a UNITED STATES CITIZEN! 


So now lets look closer at the achilles heel of the UNITED STATES Corporation problem:

The 1810 Titles of Nobility Act: 

“No one can serve two masters” (Matthew 6:24)

Organic United States Constitution Article XIII, Titles of Nobility Act of 1810, Law by 1819 - never terminated:

The Original Thirteenth Article of Amendment to the Organic Constitution For The United States of America is: 

"If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them."

It should be noted that the above applies to any office in America, even private corporations. 

[Journal of the Senate] and law by 1819 at this link: 


Titles of Nobility Act was never terminated. It was buried by the BAR attorneys who have tried to pretend it was never ratified when they created the Counterfeit  UNITED STATES Corp charter under The Act of 1871

Its creators copied the original Constitution but made some notable changes including deliberately missing out Amendment XIII. 

For a comparison see here: http://www.usavsus.info/ 

For the enactment of TONA in 1810 see here: 

See. http://www.thelibertybeacon.com/article-xiii-stolen-crown-temple-b-r/  

Link to Journal of the senate for Amendment XIII: 


So if the laws of the land states that American government can not include foreigners - then why does it? 

Answer: Because UNITED STATES is not an American government! Its an foreign Occupying force since the coup of this nation in the 1860's.  

Violation of TONA is an act of sedition and treason. 

Its the 1810 Titles of Nobility Act: http://www.internallydisplacedpeople.org/joomla30/index.php/unlearn/temp-unlearn/t-o-n-a 

The Original Thirteenth Article of Amendment To 
The Constitution For The United States

The Original 13th Amendment 

This Article of Amendment, ratified in 1819 and which just "disappeared" in 1876, added an enforceable strict penalty, i.e., inability to hold office and loss of citizenship, for violations of the already existing constitutional prohibition in Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8 on titles of nobility and other conflicts of citizenship interest, such as accepting emoluments of any kind for services or favors rendered or to be rendered, and is particularly applicable today in the 21st Century as government is increasingly FOR SALE to the highest bidder, as foreign and multinational corporations and individuals compete to line the pockets of politicians and political parties to accommodate and purchase protection or privilege, i.e. honors, for their special interests.


The final state to ratify TONA pushing TONA over 75% of the states ... 



Now lets look at the lien that team Anna Von Reitz filed against the American BAR Association that was never responded to by the BAR. In other words based on the Maxim of law that silence equates to acceptance the BAR accepted the charges laid on them were TRUE in their entirety!  They have accepted that they are engaged in crimes against humanity - directed at the American people! They have been waging war on the America relying on Sophistry for 200 years! 


Posted on October 25, 2015by David Robinson

An INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL OBLIGATION LIEN (INDICTMENT) has been filed against the AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION (A.B.A.), the INTERNATIONAL BAR ASSOCIATION (I.B.A.), and the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE (D.O.J.), by a multitude of Lien Claimants in violation of 15 USC 1 & 2 for a total monetary penalty of SIX-HUNDRED MILLION ($600,000,000.) US GOLD DOLLARS EACH, alleging that, since “fraud vitiates all contracts”, ALL commercial contracts, including, but NOT limited to, ALL unlawful sentences & incarcerations of political prisoners (i.e.; imprisoned I.R.S. Lien Debtors, non-criminal offenders), wherein, such commercial contracts were all conceived in fraud, and lacking any moral & ethical character are in direct conflict with Natural Law & Commercial Law, and thus, every A.B.A “contract” since 1882, whether verbal, or written, including, but not limited to all Judicial Oath’s of Office, falsely sworn to, and fraudulently securitized, monetized, and commercialized, are Null & Void, ab initio.

They have been given NINETY (90) DAYS in which to answer the ALLEGATIONS against them. Failure to do so will result in an immediate “Asset Forfeiture & Seizure” of “Accounts Payable” of TWO- HUNDRED-SEVENTY-NINE TRILLION ($279,000,000,000,000.) US GOLD DOLLARS currently held by the A.B.A. and the I.B.A. — and the Secured Parties’ Right to take possession after default.

1. The “PROOF OF ALLEGATIONS” lies directly at the feet of the individual Officers & Crew of the A.B.A., the I.B.A., and the D.O.J., i.e.; their Administrators, Executives, Officers, Directors, Employees, Agents, and Contractors, and with their honor, willingness, and their ability, to respond, protest, argue, or rebut the allegations made, herein, point-by-point, and article-by-article, under an Affidavit of Truth, under sworn Oath, and under the Penalty of Perjury.

2. It is anticipated & expected, that these individual members & contractors of the A.B.A., the I.B.A., and the D.O.J., rather than admit to their crimes against humanity, in-writing, will choose to go silent, or simply invoke the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution, which, again, is NOT open to ANY A.B.A., I.B.A., or D.O.J. member, agent, contractor, or employee.

3. Their acquiescence, or silence, will then, under the weight of Commercial Law & Natural Law, result in their waiving all of their corporate, public, private, and individual rights & immunities, as per 28 USC #455, and they will, also, be attesting 1) to their acceptance & agreement to all allegations made, 2) to accept all fines, fees, penalties & punishments they are deserving of, and entitled to, under Common Law, the Law of Merchants, International Law, Commercial Law, Natural Law, and 3) to have violated their very own corporate laws & self engineered codifications, which are grounds for the immediate dissolution of their corporate charters.


1. The ledger for this “TRUE BILL” is based on the Truth, the whole Truth, nothing but the Truth, and upon the MONETARY FACE VALUE of TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-NINE TRILLION ($279,000,000,000,000.) US GOLD DOLLARS retrievable from stolen & pirated properties & assets, pursuant 12 USC #411, believed to be of record, and all properties & assets suspected of being hidden in privatized off shore properties & accounts by various individuals & members the AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION, and the INTERNATIONAL BAR ASSOCIATION.
2. These stolen & pirated “assets” and “properties” will be confirmed & verified by a People’s open, complete & independent audit of the Federal Reserve Bank, and an audit of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
3. This “TRUE BILL” is, also, set against the MAXIMUM PUBLIC HAZARD BONDS/INSURANCES held by the A.B.A.‘s, and the I.B.A.’s Bonding Companies, whether “in-house,” or “independent,” for all of these Entities, Agents, and Individuals, including, but NOT limited to, the individual Lien Debtors listed above.
4. As a Commercial Instrument, this “TRUE BILL” has an S.E.C. Tracer Number of #2640220, which is the Reception No.# assigned by the Mesa County Colorado Deputy Clerk & Recorder, Brandy Emow, for the filing of the fraudulent, fictitious, and fabricated Oath of Office signed by Colorado’s 21st Judicial District Crown Administrative Clerks, Craig P. Henderson, and David A. Bottger, and witnessed by Sandra Casselberry, the Judicial Administrator for Mesa County, Colorado.

5. This S.E.C. Tracer Number of #2640220 is a “commercial securities tag,” and is but a single Exhibit, out of thousands, of the prima facie evidence of the A.B.A.‘s conspiracy to commit sedition, piracy, and commercial fraud, against the Lien Claimants, and against the American people, wherein, any such Oath “prescribed, given, taken,” commercially securitized & monetized, was, and is, a “solemn mockery,” and “equally a crime,” according to the Crown’s very own Supreme Court ruling by US Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Marshal, in 1803.

6. This S.E.C. Tracer Number of #2640220, as related to this Commercial Obligation Lien, may be used as form of identification for any & all “Witnesses,” “Crime Victims,” and/or “injured parties,” when asked for identification by any A.B.A., I.B.A., or D.O.J. contractor, or revenue/tax collector (“Pulbicanus”), (ie; I.R.S. Agent, H.L.S. Agent, F.B.I. Agent, C.I.A. Agent, Sheriff, Sheriff Deputy, Police Officer, etc.).
7. All such “Crown Contractors” are, under the terms & conditions of this International Commercial Obligation Lien/Agricultural Lien/Writ of Injunction & Restraint/Cease & Desist Order, prohibited from engaging with, detaining, arresting, incarcerating, harassing, coercing, or intimidating, any “Witness,” “Crime Victim,” a.k.a. “any Living Being,” or citing same under any revenue-bearing statute, code, rule, ordinance, or any other “color of law” infraction, providing the Living Being has NOT harmed or injured another Living Being. [Corporations CANNOT be injured! Only Living Beings can be injured!] Without an “injury,” there can be NO crime, and NOWHERE can these revenue-bearing statutes adhere, and no “false presumptions of a crime” shall be made, authorized, or enforced!
8. Any encroachments, or violations, upon the terms & conditions stated above by any “Crown Officer,” “Crown Agent,” or “Crown Contractor,” will result in additional 15 USC penalties being levied upon the corporate, personal, and private properties & assets of these individual “Officers,” “Agents,” or “Contractors,” while operating privately, or in their “corporate capacities.”
9. This S.E.C. Tracer Number of #2640220, however, and wherever, presented, will serve as the People’s Rescission of Consent, and as fair, proper, and lawful notice to CEASE & DESIST with any & all criminal aggressions, trespasses, and transgressions, while operating on the Land, and/or under the ‘presumed & alleged’ jurisdiction, power, or authority of the Military/Admiralty Flag of the Crown Templar.
The Sureties & Certifications of, and for, any & all Corporate, Public, Personal, or Private Accounts, Bonds, Securities, Profits, Proceeds, Fixtures, Chattels, and Assets owned/managed by ANY individual operating within the jurisdiction, or control, of the A.B.A., the I.B.A., the D.O.J., or their, “in-house,” Bonding Companies, under the indirect, or direct control of the A.B.A., or the I.B.A., their Nation/State franchises, Inns of the Court, The Federal Reserve Banking System, or The International Monetary Fund (IMF) for these Entities, Agents and Individuals, are all considered forfeitable assets, and as “debt obligations” to the Lien Claimants, their assigns, and/or their heirs. As such, the Lien Debtors are lawfully responsible for producing, upon this commercial demand, these Sureties, Accounts, Financial Statements, and all Certificates of Liability & Indenture.
1. The Affiants & Lien Claimants, without prejudice, and Reserving All Rights, declares this Commercial Obligation Lien to be self-effecting, self-evident, and self-enforcing, noting that the US Marshal Service, is now lawfully restored to the People’s Executive Branch of the Continental united States of America, and they are no longer contractually obligated to the A.B.A.’s subsidiary corporation of the Department of Justice,
both of which, are, hereby, dissolved for by the People for cause, and by necessity.
2. The US Marshal Service, a Constitutional Law Enforcement Agency, and NO LONGER a “Legal Enforcement Agency,” in the State of Illinois, and elsewhere throughout the 50 States, Washington, D.C., and their 94 government offices, will be tasked & charged with executing the seizing, freezing, and recovery of all the A.B.A.’s, and the I.B.A.’s corporate, public, personal, and private properties, found upon the Land, at sea, or found to be held by any & all individuals operating under the A.B.A., or the I.B.A., until such time, as it is determined that the full face amount of this Commercial Obligation Lien can be satisfied, and that all other Claims for Remedy made, herein, are unconditionally satisfied in full.

3. The US Marshals, having been given the preponderance of evidence, and probable causes stated, herein, that crimes have been committed, and that, crimes are being committed, shall under their own authority, jurisdiction, and powers, as dejure Marshals & Sheriffs, commence, IMMEDIATELY, with serving Notice of this Writ of Injunction & Restraint/Cease & Desist, without the need of a court order, or warrant, as is their privilege, duty, and obligation, under Law.

4. On the NINETY-FIRST (91st) DAY after receipt of this Lien, the US Marshals & Interpol, are to commence, at once, with the freezing, forfeiture, and seizing, of all corporate, personal, public, private, and individual properties, accounts, and assets, known to be in the possession of, or under control of, the A.B.A., I.B.A., D.O.J., and/or any & all of their corporate contractors, however related. 5. Fair compensation shall be made for the anticipated expenses & services rendered by these agents, and for their abiding by their own Oaths of Office (https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/28/563). The US Marshal Service & Interpol will receive TWENTY(20%) of the recovered assets, and these funds will be divided equally. A Promissory Note shall be tendered to the dejure United States Treasury, and earmarked to the US Marsha Service & Interpol in this amount. The full face amount of the Promissory Note will be made payable to the US Marshal Service & Interpol immediately upon the successful recovery, reclamation, and return, of the Lien Claimant’s “Accounts Receivables.”

6. Should it ever be misconstrued, or misrepresented, that this Promissory Note, and/or payments made to the US Marshal Service & Interpol, is some form of bribery, the Lien Claimants shall argue & deny same, and declare these funds lawful & appropriate compensation for the tasks & expenses the US Marshals & Interpol are tasked & charged with. These funds constitute stolen & pirated properties & assets of the American people, and these compensations are to be considered “bounties,” “prizes,” and “rewards” for honest service by the people’s law enforcement agencies & agents.

AFFIDAVIT OF COMMERCIAL LIEN-ABA EXECUTIVES http://annavonreitz.com/commerciallien.pdf

The LIEN has been cured and it will be relied on to TERMINATE the CROWN BAR! 

Is there any more proof that the courts are controlled 

During the trial of James and Sharon Patterson, (Case 6:97-CR-51) William Wayne Justice, Judge of the United States District Court Texas-Eastern Division when presented with law stated: "I take my orders from England. This is not a law this court goes by."

For all of those who did not believe that the United States Corp. was under Great Britain here it is straight from the mouth of a Federal Judge. How much more evidence 'do you need?' America has never been Free. The Revolutionary war was a fraud perpetrated on the American people. The war's purpose was to centralize power and make the people easier to control. All Federal Judges, Congressmen, U.S. Attorneys, State Judges, Legislators and most Attorneys know this and are in fact British Agents. Their job is to keep the people in line and to be productive slaves which they (The British Agents) are greatly compensated for. The police do not know that they work for Great Britain they too have been decieved so don't attack them.

It is time for everyone in America to know the Truth. Let us all work together in exposing the CROWN Empire. Please re-fax and e-mail this release to every Attorney, Judge, and Legislator in your area to let them know they have been unmasked. Please get out your Yellow Pages and start faxing everyone in your area and also read this release over every radio show possible. We have printed thousands of evidence packages and mailed them across America that prove that the United States is a British Colony. It is time to send the British back to England. We must work together because if, we do not. we are all doomed.

Your Friend.

Stephen Kinbol Ames Jr. 

TONA is law of the land. It has never been overturned. 

The above is an admission that the Crown controlled agents of the ABA in every state of America are engaged in sedition and treason. They were told about the illegal bankruptcy -- they know about the STRAWMAN and that the American people do not! Yet they have chosen to deceived and steal of their brothers and sisters! It is for this reason that this creed that believe they are above the law were never permitted to set footy in a government office or even call themselves Americans! They have been waging a secret war against Americans and have been trying to place themselves above all Americans! They do not believe in equality per the Declaration of Independence! 

Everything that this parasite class has been stollen from the American people and states must be returned to those from whom it was stollen. 

1.2 Million BAR attorney's in America are operating in violation of TONA and are engaged in sedition and treason. 

TONA terminates ALL actions of the BAR and it will reverse every act of those that violated it back to its ratification. This potentially includes every act of the UNITED STATES Corp since 1819...   This will mean the overturning of every COURT ORDER made where TONA was violated! If a BAR attorney was in any way associated with a ruling - it is legally invalid! 

The cabal game is over! 

God Bless America and may her people do right by all the crimes that have been done in the name of America by the UNITED STATES ZIONIST controlled parasite class that couped America in the 1800's! 

Americans now get to help drive a new golden age for humanity and terminate tyranny that became a cancer in our back yard that started to devour the world! Americans fell a sleep at the wheel and allowed these crimes to unfold! Americans must never become complacent ever again! We must always remain vigilant and make sure that which we created to protect our rights never again is used to terminate our rights and violate the rights of people on other sovereign nations! 

The 1810 Titles of Nobility Act and the Declaration of Independence is all the American people need to restore America and get rid of the rats! 

We certainly hope the people of the British Isles do what they need to do to remove the Rothshchilds ZIONIST scourge that has help the British Isles in a state of mixed war since the early 1800's and the people of Italy do the same to terminate the infestation in their own country that started claiming the world as early as 1302 under the Papal Bull Written on the skin of a sacrificed child called Unum Sanctum in which the Vatican system laid claim to the World and later to all People and all souls! Any institution that stands on such insane principals does not deserve to exist! This ROMAN CULT institution and the sick minds behind it are responsible for virtually all misery on earth in the last 2000 years! 

It is time for men and women to realize nobody need anyone between them and that which connects us all and all things! Why would we ever NEED a pope to be in the middle of our connection to all that is! The notion that BILLIONS believe that the POPE is their way to connect with all that is lunacy! Nobody needs a middlemen in the way of any interaction between men, women and all that is! Going forward all must control our life energy and each will choose who we wish to trade with and on what terms!  In this I also suggest that we will build a system of exchanging our labor that parasitic forces can never again co-opt! Remember - we are each sovereign and we are the Bank! It is noted that a Nation can only be viewed as sovereign if it coins its own money! It is the same with us - for we are the Bank and this is the case even in the current parasitic debt money system - we are the Bank!  We will publish more on this in due course! In the meantime - please form safety committee in your own neighborhoods and lets get everyone on the same page! 

Please remember turn off the TV! Everything you will hear through it is created by BABYLON mainstream media to lower your vibration and have you focus on the things that do not matter! http://www.internallydisplacedpeople.org/joomla30/index.php/unlearn/temp-unlearn/bankers-manifesto-1892