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This Website, its content and all media connected hereto results from this writers ongoing fifteen year investigation in to the State of California governance and of the Instruments being relied on to Govern These united states of America. This ongoing inquiry took root after the author was dragged through a family law court dissolution starting in 2005. In 2007 parasite attorneys became involved in the case operating on undisclosed ulterior motives (Financial Incentives). This, my initial exposure to the so called US "COURT" system resulted in the theft of my son and daughter for no lawful cause. My disgust at what I uncovered cause turn my entire efforts to unlearning, re-educating about the world around us which discoveries led me on to Whistle-blower activity and a Government Oversight mission to expose the fact that the UNITED STATES, Crown / Corporation of London and the Vatican system are in fact engaged in a Human Trafficking scam foisted on an unknowing global population styled after Babylonian Talmudic cult operated by global so called Elite who are part of a Jesuitical - Zionist  Luciferian cult.
The initial court case that triggered me on this mission path involved criminal elements within the "SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF ALAMEDA", and Courts in Alameda county, California state labelled CRIMINAL, CIVIL and FAMILY COURT, all of which are Star Chambers / Kangaroo Courts. The Court activity I was foisted in to for no lawful cause resulted additionally in the theft of all my private property, my $1-2M Bay side home and being caged for 81 days in Santa Rita County Jail in Alameda County in the years 2011 - 2012.  All of these STATE OF STATE Domestic Terrorism acts were enacted on me and my two children for no lawful cause and in absolute violation of all Organic laws of The United States of America (unincorporated), United States (Unincorporated), the California organic state created Constitution of 1849 (de jure / un-incorporated) and the STATE OF CALIFORNIA De Facto Constitution of 1879 which was created for the STATE OF CALIFORNIA Corp., a DC US Sub Corp. and foreign to the physical California state and the people on the soil thereon. The real intent behind these criminal actions of the so called familt Court was to reward an Attorney connected to the Corrupted state machinery including Jerry Browns Office. The Attorney became involved with my ex wife post dissolution. The real prize for the state however was for it to was to generate Investment Securitees for the State of California through the Birth Certificate Bond Scam aka Slavery aka Peonage aka an international War Crime. More on this here:
The author of the following, One paul - james, a California state national / private American national, was in 2013 recruited as an America's Government oversight monitor pursuant to a Treaty signed in 2010 by the so called High Contracting Powers which signatories allegedly included Queen Elizabeth II, Pope Benedict, the then head of the The International Criminal Court, The World Court and 8 Additional Governance heads representing the Old World Order Corrupted Governance system that did enslave Humanity that was orchestrated in to being under Black Nobility controlled Crown Corporation of London, DC United States Corporation, The Federal Reserve all of which are responsible for the Global Talmudic Debt Slavery Systems (See Edward Mandel House Quote Below) that were alleged to have been terminated by the enacted of the 2010 Treaty. The Treaty at first pass appeared to translate in to enablement of a new Golden age for humanity through the release of Off Book accounts which "funds" were accrued as a result of the post Secret Treaties of Geneva (1927 - 32) Global Debt Slavery System; the termination of Usury based Debt systems; the release of sequestered technology terminating control of humanity which we have been forced to use out of necessity by demonic design so that humanity was tethered to rely on allowed cabal controlled Utilities/Energy Systems that the cabal could use to control Humanity /This implies those technologies that could be turned off by demonic controllers if so desired (Think Rothschild PGE Power system meddling in California and other parts of the World / California cabal deliberately manufactured fires through the use of Military Industrial Complex deployed use of Exotic Weapons/Chems/DEWS). We further expected to see the Old World Order ending their "In GOD We trust systems used to fund cabal cartel global criminal activity", which included their running of Gold, Oil and Drugs Global criminal enterprises. Since the Treaty was scuttled by the usual suspects, it failed to deliver on its promises to end the Global Slavery Debt System and all of the criminal enterprise that go along with it. Those still living true to our Oaths to Free the One people realized the program was unnecessary in that we did not need access to funny money in Off Book accounts. We just needed the cabal to get out of the way which they refuse to do by blocking access to allow for the Free flow of funds donated to the cause by benevolent Old World Order families through the existing money system to allow certain well meaning people to do the planned work to rebuild those systems that will be the foundation to new systems that will free humanity and allow all to thrive in an existing abundant world (The Doctrine of Scarcity = control tool manufactured by the Vatican to control humanity under fake economics and fake supply and demand).
We continue to work on Freeing Humanity from the global corrupt systems/parasites still enslaving humanity. Of note, those that allegedly signed the treaty to our knowledge never disclaimed signing it. The significance of this is that it was their admission that the powers that WERE, have indeed manipulated the world under a Debt Slavery System that has needlessly enslaved humanity under fake money, fake law and fake Governance. The Powers that were can not put these facts back in a Box. It appears that those that scuttled the plan to Free humanity and enable a New Golden Age on Earth are the same parasites families that were responsible for the implementation and maintaining the Global debt money system to this day that many nations now work to break free from.  The Global Talmudic debt money system and the CROWN BAR Legal System illegally operating over the World that must be wiped off the face of the Earth such that Humanity can again be free. It is noted that the Organic Money and law form of the original American system of Governance did and does Ban these abominations. The Titles of Nobility Act is the key to deleting these abominations from America which by enactment Bans foreign agents from all American governance. Banning those that have foisted these demonic frauds over America post enactment of TONA in 1819. Restore the already enacted TONA (positive Law) and you restore America and the world. Note that I said restore, not enact - why? TONA is already law across America and it was hidden by the foreign banned BAR agents that banned them from America. A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation: U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates, 1774 - 1875
Journal of the Senate of the United States of America, Volume 4, Page 503 - 504 -    
Awake mpn BAR agents in the State of New Hampshire tried to show America the way but they were blocked by Petty Fogging Shyster BAR attorneys that would have been removed from Office on immediate recognition of already enacted TONA law. If Trump is true to his word to clean America of all Swamp creatures he will enforce already enacted TONA law which will not only drain the swamp but will remove all those BAR attorneys (all of which are CROWN Temple BAR agents that are practicing foreign CROWN Corporation PRIVATE Corporate rules and codes on America that are a violation of all the Organic laws enacted in America) - Petty Fogging Shysters - currently attacking him and using the same simulated legal process they have used on Humanity to defraud us out of our life, liberty, property and happiness. The ABA, STATE BAR foreign agents ARE the enemy within America put here by King George on his dying breath to take back America and turn everything back over to the Talmudic Controlled/Vatican controlled Crown Corporation of London. The British people have a cancer sitting in the center of London that they must now also deal with for the sake of all humanity. The people of Italy also have a similar cancer that they to must deal with for the sake of Humanity! 
It must be noted by all Americans that the existing DC United States Corp. and the fifty STATE OF STATE Corporations under it OCCUPYING America are NOT American instrumentalities of America - they are Crown / Vatican controlled instrumentalities and all those standing under them are as good as operating as CROWN Slave - Subjects (Aka UNITED STATES CITIZENS). A US Citizen is not an Americans aka American national / state nationals. United States is foreign to America. If this is news to you then say - I was defrauded of my American Birthright status all of my life without knowing it!
Now if foreign agents of the CROWN / Vatican instrumentalites running their foreign UNITED STATES and the STATE OF STATES currently operating on our shores through the ascts of Sedition, perfidy, fraud and deceit were actually forced by their boss, Donald Trump to obey their own DC [private corporate rules and codes] then we Americans could again affirm our proper status and standing as Americans and renuild our nation and states, however the rogue STATE OF STATE / US Corps. through their dummed dowm corporate actors think they that they are in fact Sovereign Citizens and that they can do what they want on America when their forum state / Lex Fori is ONLY the District of Columbia!Again - Police / Sherriffs are Crown agents and not Americans / state nationals. They are in America to keep their foreign United States citizens in check, not to Police Americans - state nationals!
The CORPORATE Instruments of DC which includes the fifty STATE OF STATE Corporations are at this time refusing to recognize America actually has Americans on it that do not want to operate as DC US CROWN TAX paying slaves / subjects. That there are some educated Americans that are preferring to operate under the Organic Laws of our nation states with our American birthright unalienable rights in tact that have no interest in funding the New World Order and its illegal wars and Genocide!
Now do you understand why CROWN agents (BAR attorneys) running America are so afraid of an American in the White House and why CROWN law enforcement systematically have been taught to attack those Americans that actually know who they are and who law enforcement is actually working for... that is they are instruments of the Vatican / Crown. Yes, law enforcement is operating against informed American brothers and sisters who have chosen to stand as Americans under American organic law instruments which is English American common law and not PRIVATE rules and codes of a foreign Crown - Vatican corporation (68.34 Square miles of DC) created by banned foreign agents who provided not disclosure of what they were doing when they created the Counterfeit UNITED STATES with out knowledge of the American people under the Act of 1871: It is time to unlearn America and to stand under our own country and laws: This may help you see what was done to America: help you understand why 911 false flag, USS Liberty and FBI Terror factory, CIA are tools of those Occupying America and will not be exposed by our occupiers! How the controllers control the masses:
One of the leading educators on what happened to America is Anna Von Reitz [ ]  This writer has created a video channel on Mike Adams  / Health Ranger's platform;  to help educate the American people on the topics covered at,