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It turns out my fellow Americans that we have all been deceived by enemies within. It is my belief that this includes the President of the United States who is an outsider to the entire corrupt the Crown Territorial the United States and the United States of America corporation couped by the Crown as advertised in the Secret Treaty of Verona of 1822 read on the floor of the house in 1916.

So now we know what happened to America in 1871, what are we going to do about it? 

The first thing to do is to put the President on Notice that we now know which way is up. This is why we are sending the President and the US Military information about the coup of our nation by our original enemy between the War of 1812 and through to the Present time. We invite the President to do something about what we will be conveying through a series of communications and presentations that will be presented to the Commander in Chief of the United States Corp. and his military advisers. The million dollar Questions is the Presidents allegiance to Pedo Baby Killer Pedovores of the Luciferian unholy Roman cult or is it to his own people?

Should the President fail to act on these notices then we will know on which side his bread is buttered. Should he take no action to terminate these crimes of Sedition, Treason, RICO, International War Crimes then we the American people will be so informed and we can then plot our next move.

The President should realize that those who are allegedly trying to impeach him are the same foreign BAR CROWN agents that sold out America and that have thrown Millions under the Bus so that they could live high on the hog.

Make no mistake, BAR CROWN Attorneys operating in America are imputed to know the law of the land. The fact that they have allowed themselves to be used by the Crown to destroy the lives of Americans is no excuse for their crimes of Sedition, Treason.

Americans have already seen evidence of exotic Weapons being used against us in California and elsewhere around the World. We are also aware of US Corp. biological Warfare programs, Chemtrails, Weather warfare, EMF - Microwave - 5G - GWEN Towers SmartMeters etc. We also aware of Drones and Killer robots being developed. Based on the fact that we are being ruled by our original enemy for the last 150 years it does not take much for these technologies to be turned on the American people when the Next New World Order Psychopath takes Office which means the American people must act now to terminate the threat facing us. Be not mistaken, if America falls to the Luciferian New World Order cult the rest of the World will follow.

There is plenty of evidence that Comrade Governor Brown, Comrade Obama / Barry Sotero, Comrade Harris and now Comrade Newsom sold out California to commies and Chinese Interests in preparation for the Killary Overthrow of America that has thus far been thwarted. We have a small window of time to act and see how President Trump will react to news that he landed on a CROWN ship that was in fact intended to destroy America Once and for all.

At this time it is worth me sharing a few excerpts from two documents to underscore the points being made here:

An excerpt from the Secret Treaty of Verona 1822:


The undersigned, specially authorized to make some additions to the treaty of the Holy Alliance, after having exchanged their respective credentials, have agreed as follows :


The high contracting powers being convinced that the system of representative govern- ment is egually as incompatible with the monarchial principles as the maxim of the sovereignty of the people with the high devine right, engage mutually in the most solemn manner, to use all their efforts to put an end to the system of representative governments, in whatever country it may exist in Europe, and to prevent its being introduced in those countries where it is not yet known.

ART. 2. As it can not be doubted that the liberty of the press is the most powerful means used by the pretended supporters of the rights of nations to the detriment of those princes, the high contracting parties promise reciprocally to adopt all proper measures to suppress it, not only in their own states but also in the rest of Europe.

ART. 3. Convinced that the principles of religion contribute most powerfully to keep nations in the state of passive obedience which they owe to their princes, the high contracting parties declare it to be their intention to sustain in their respective States those measures which the clergy may adopt, with the aim of ameliorating their own interests, so intimately connected with the preservation of the authority of the princes ; and the contracting powers join in offering their thanks to the Pope for what he has already done for them, and solicit his constant cooperation in their views of submitting the nations.

As you can see, America's was such a threat to the Old Word Order Human Slavery system that the OWO made sure to destroy America's representative system of Governance before it could get going! They Used BAR Attorneys and Crown Banking Ponzi scheme banks forced on America (which includes the Federal Reserve) to destroy the Republic which in part was achieved by thieving Millions from the Treasury in the lead up to the 1860s (the same trick they do today - ) and then creating a manufactured war to indebt the young nation. The later tactic being the Rothschilds calling Card used to destroy all Nations for the unholy Roman Cult!

Please also note the references to fake News and Fake religion in the above excerpt of the Treaty.

From the Bankers Manifesto 1982"

.... Now, at the present time, using violence would be premature. We are not yet ready to confront such an assault. Money must first of all seek maximum protection in schemes and in legislation.

Let us make use of the courts. Let us go forward as fast as possible at perceiving debts, at foreclosing (depriving of recourse to justice when a certain time limit has been transgressed) on debentures and mortgages.

“When, through the law's intervention, the common people shall have lost their homes, they will be more easy to control and more easy to govern, and they shall not be able to resist the strong hand of the Government acting in accordance with the orders of the central power of imperial wealth, under the control of the leaders of finance.

“Our top leaders are perfectly aware of the truth. They are presently working at establishing an imperialism of the capital to rule the world. But while they are implementing this plan, they must keep the people busy with political antagonisms.

“We'll therefore speed up the question of reform in the custom rates by the political organization called the Democratic Party; and we'll put the spotlight on the question of protection and of the reciprocity by the Republican Party.

“By dividing the electorate this way, we'll be able to have them spend their energies at struggling amongst themselves on questions that, for us, have no importance whatsoever, and on which we only touch upon as instructors of the common flock.

“It is thus that, through discreet acts, we can maintain what was so generously projected and executed with such a remarkable success.”

Be clear the parasites will use Violence when they think that the people are incapable of stopping arresting their push against us.

They have long been using fake courts and used them to thieve 20,000,000 homes from us every one stollen from us was through fraud, sedition, treason... relying on bent courts. 

Our enemies within are fully relying on their fake two party system to distract the people while their Military Industrial Complex continues to engage in acts of Genocide using Exotic Weapons technology - aimed aimed thinning us out! This especially includes poisoning our Air through aerosoles (chemtrails), energy weapons from Smart Meters, EMF, Microwave, 5G, SmartMeters, GWEN towers etc

Let us be absolutly clear that we are being ruled by despots that believe we the people are beneath them.

It was Marcus Tullius Cicero that reportedly stated that:

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” 

So after the Vatican Roman Cult and the Crown (aka Corporation of London) Lost America to the War of Independence who did they send in to America to overthrow America from behind our gates and what did their agents do to our nation to steal it back from America and the American people without firing a shot?

They sent in the Bankers and the CROWN BAR Attorneys! All of which are foreign and by operating in America are engaged in Sedition and Treason pursuant to the Titles of Nobility Act (exposed below):

The Bankers being the ones who stated:

  "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!"

Attributed to Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744–1812). No primary source for this is known and the earliest attribution to him known is 1935 (Money Creators, Gertrude M. Coogan).

         "I care not what puppet  is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply."

 - Nathan Mayer Rothschild

Rothschilds, Vatican Bankers since the 1820's also controls the FED, the BIS and the UNITED NATIONS who's original ownership is found below:

FEDERAL RESERVE Money System (See also those behind the UNITED NATIONS Corporation):

Rothschild Bank of London
Rothschild Bank of Berlin
Warburg Bank of Hamburg
Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
Lazard Brothers of Paris
Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
Goldman, Sachs of New York
Lehman Brothers of New York
Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York

The "UN" is a corporation founded in France several years before the United Nations Charter was ever created. And here, for your edification, are the Principal Parties of Interest driving the "UN Agenda"----- Current version UN Corp dba World Bank dba FEDERAL RESERVE --- 52% owned by Rothschild Bank of London and Berlin; 8% owned by Lazard Freres Bank of Paris; 8% owned by Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, 8% owned by Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam; 6% owned by Lehman Brothers of New York; 6% owned by Kuhn Loeb of New York; 6% owned by Chase Manhattan/Rockefeller Bank of New York; 6% owned by Goldman Sachs. (There may be some changes in ownership(s) since this list was compiled, but the above is accurate for the most part.)

Note that the Western Worlds Legal System is also controlled by the Crown / Corporation of London. This includes control over the entire American legal system ran out of London.The American BAR Association and all State BAR Associations are franchises of the Middle Inns of Court in London:

During the trial of James and Sharon Patterson, (Case 6:97-CR-51) William Wayne Justice, Judge of the United States District Court Texas-Eastern Division when presented with law stated: "I take my orders from England. This is not a law this court goes by."

Now you should know why the foreign UNITED STATES Corporation gave $233.7Billion to Israel over six decades, not to mention Billions more in Weapons and stolen Technological secrets! 

By now you know that that that the United States and the United States of America is not what most Americans thought it was. 

To further explain this point I have adapted the following passage from a text by AnnaVonReitz / which has been thoroughly researched and validated [Original: ]

The Proper Name of this country and its government is:

The United States of America.The United States of America. Upper and Lower Case.The definite article, "the", is capitalized and is part of the name. Also notice, it is not incorporated.This is not "USA, Inc.".The United States of America is an unincorporated Holding Company. It functions as a public trust entity. It's a Federation of Sovereign States of the Union, formed September 9, 1776, and still kicking.

The only "Republic" associated with The United States of America is the Papist Municipal United States Government operating as a Municipality chartered by the Roman Pontiff and allowed by Article1, Section 8, Clause 17.That "Republic" is not to be confused with our "republican" form of government nor mistaken for our republican States of the Union.

That "Republic" is a foreign plenary oligarchy that has acted as a predator upon our States and People and committed endless crimes of fraud, deceit, Human Trafficking and piracy against us.

The United States of America is not "the" United States of America.The United States is not "the" United States.

Figure out the shell game that has been foisted off on you or you and your children's children will pay for your idiocy.

Both the Pope's Municipal Oligarchy and the Queen's Democracy are foreign to us American nationals / state nationals of the The United States of America.

They are both foreign Subcontractors operating under our names and exercising certain "delegated Powers" for us --- "Powers" that do not include usurping upon our lawful and actual government, plundering our physical states and People, and otherwise running amok on our shores.

When you see "the" United States of America, you are talking about the British (Crown)Territorial United States, a Commonwealth Territorial Government operated as a Democracy. More accurately under the Crown (The Corporation of London) which itself is under the Roman Cult aka Vatican. 

None of the fifty Independent Nations (American countries) were ever a democracy neither is The United States of America. Politicians of the United States have been telling us this for decades that "they" are not us, even though they operate under a similar name and exercise "Powers" we delegated to them under conditions of Sacred Trust and Treaty.

Likewise, "the" United States is not The United States. It's a Roman Municipality ---an international independent city-state operated---until very recently--- by the Roman Pontificate and until very recently, as a Roman Municipal Corporation.

It is ruled as a Plenary Oligarchy by the Members of "the" United States Congress.This is just another foreign Subcontractor, operating "in our names" while exercising certain, limited, enumerated and delegated "Powers". They are not us. They don't pretend to be us. They operate as foreign governments right here in front of our noses, and they always have.

The four Organic Laws listed, in the order of their occurrence, are what led to the creation of the The United States of America:

  1. The Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776
  2. The Articles of Confederation of November 15, 1777
  3. Northwest Ordinance of July 13, 1787
  4. Constitution of September 17, 1787

The United States of America, our actual Federation of States, contracted with three "federal" (means "contract") service providers to provide the States with specific enumerated services and delegated the Powers these Subcontractors needed to provide those services.

The three "federal" Subcontractors were:

1.The States of America Confederation

2. The British Territorial United States dba "the" United States of America [under the British/Crown]

3. The [Roman] Municipal United States Government dba "the" United States [Vatican controlled]

The States of America Confederation ceased operations in 1861. It has never been "reconstructed". This left a vacuum of power into which the other two federal Subcontractors have interjected themselves and used as a means to usurp upon our lawful government, The United States of America, and to secretively pillage and plunder our States and our People.

Do you all now see how important it is to distinguish between "The United States of America" and "the" United States of America and why those looting us and engaging us in Human Trafficking have lies to us about everything which includes teaching us fake history about our Nation.

Do you see why it is important to tell the difference between our "republican States of the Union" and "a" Republic serving the Roman Pontificate?

Now you can see why 300 million people, have been kept literate through the public Crown Indoctrination system and even PhD's graduated from our Universities --- to be so incredibly, stubbornly, perniciously ignorant about both English Grammar and our history.

We are not them. They are not us. The United States of America is not "the" United States of America. The United States is not "the" United States.

End of excerpt/adaption.

It is for this reason that I personally have difficulty in identifying with any any derivative of the CROWN Corporation flag which slight modification was adapted for the American flag, which flag has been used as a primary tool to thieve from the American people since the 1870's by having the American people believe that the flag represented The United States of America and the people thereon when in fact it represented money, property and rights being stolen by agents of the three crimes centers below from the American people who have been left with virtually nothing for their life's work and struggles. 

What you should know is that all nations of the World have been Incorporated by the International Banking Cartels / Vatican / Crown during the Secret Treaties of Geneva (1927 - 1932) and rolled up under the unholy Roman cult.

What this means is that what were Sovereign nations now operate as Human Slave plantations where what were nations/people are considered resources / human resources of the diabolical Luciferian Talmudic - Jesuit - Zionist cult that has enslaved humanity under this global Ponzi scheme. Now you know what One World Order is all about and what is spelled out in California Government Code 1027.5. -

So what we have in America (Since the coup of our nation at the misnamed civil war - ) is a Roman Cult controlled DC Municipal Government Corporation 'the United States Corporation' that did in later years starting in the 1870's establish sub Municipal STATE OF STATE corporations for each of the fifty states, county's, city's etc of which there are now some 185,000 in America all rolling up their purloined funds stolen from the American people up under Crown and the unholy Roman cult. More importantly - they are through fraud transferring property to this criminal cabal using Monopoly style money created out of fraud! The interesting aspect of this fraud that any act perfected on fraud is legally invalid and a legal nullity!

The United States established State of State corporations had no right to vacate each state Public Trust originally created for the benefit of the people on each Nation state and established as a common wealth for the benefit of the people and not as a slot machine for the unholy Roman cult. These fraudulent, seditous acts were performed by attorneys all of which were banned from our nation under TONA. These seditious, treasonous acts were performed without any lawful authority or any disclosure to the people on the states. The fact remains that a DC US Corp with jurisdiction of only the 68.34 sq miles of DC can not make a STATE OF CALIFORNIA Corp. with jurisdiction over the physical California state even when relying on additional layers of semantic decetion, sophistry etc.  The United States STATE OF STATES actually has no jurisdiction on the physical states or of the people living in the states apart from in very specific cases that for the most part does not affect the American people. To try and get around the fact that the United States had no lawful jurisdiction of the people on the states it needed to come up with another fraudulent scheme to justify having jurisdiction.

Foreign agents of the Crown - Vatican unholy Roman cult in the 1930's that in the 1870s created the DC Municipal Corporation out of thin air with no constitutional authority created another legal fraud to legally capture all the American people out on the states under the United States DC United States Sub Corporations, i.e. STATE OF STATE, State of California, State of Arizona etc.  The the United States created in effect a corporation for each American (in actuality a number of Cestui Que Vie Trusts for each wo/man) and these corporate fictions were used to capture the value due to each American under the Original Public Trust which has been claimed by the United States and used to thief the common wealth credit dues every American and as a means to create value through each of our lives which the United States through its criminal enterprises thieve while throwing off a few bread crumbs back to the American people to scrape an existence while the United States dumps Trillions in to Black Projects that it can no longer account for!

The fraud relied on by foreign actor agents of the UNITED STATES to say they have jurisdiction of the American people out on the states is so monumentally fraudulent that it defies belief as to how the Petty Fogging Shysters that have been maintaining this fraud over the American people such that they have until now gotten away with it for so long defies belief. Bush One once stated that if the American people ever found out what the Government had done that we would string them up to Lamp posts before dawn! He ought to have know what he was saying!


We the American now know which way is up. We call on President Donald John Trump to restore lawful order and to go back over the historic record and put the Crown Corporation and the unholy Roman cult back in its place. If Americans would rather operate as British Subjects going forward then so bet it but those of us that want to operate as Americans on our own Nation need to be left alone by British / Crown Agents and we need to be returned everything that has been stolen from us since the civil war coup. We further require that the American people are educated about who they are and what they are not so Americans can make proper informed decisions. People need to make a choice of being an American national / state national or slave to the Roman cult!

The President of the United States has a duty to get those under him back in order. We will be exposing those employee agents of the United States that are running rogue on California and we will expect that the United States will take care of their own and make sure they get back in their very tiny box.

Those that have been violated will be demanding compensation for the violations they have experienced by the United States.

Notice has now been given to the President and Commander in Chief of the United States and we look to now see him restore law and order, pursuant to Respondeat Superior doctrine through which the president is responsible for every United States employee and agent which includes the 1.5 Million BAR attorneys illegally warring on the people of Americas fifty Free and Independent nation states.

The following documents have been published to prove it was the Act of 1871 that created the current the United States Municipal Corporation and that it was not founded by any lawful act of the founding fathers. It is a product of the couped congress.

The following spells out that the Couped corporate congress of the British Territorial United States created the created the Department of Justice which therefore is an instrument of the British Territorial United States and NOT an Instrument of American Governance under The United States of America. The DOJ, FBI, CIA et al are NOT American institutions or here to make America great again!  These British Territorial instruments are foreign, they do not work in the Interests of the American people and they never did! They are in business to protect the lies that have been manufactured by enemies within our gates to perpetuate the UNITED STATES and STATE OF STATE Slavery system being perpetuated over America. This monumental fraud is covered in this article:  /

The Titles of Nobility Amendment enacted 1810 and ratified 1819, the smoking gun that lays waste to the frauds perpetuated over America by Petty Fogging Shysters and the Crown Territorial unholy Roman Cult United States Corporation:

 Now all the above frauds were created by banned foreign agents called attorneys illegally operating in America and banned since 1819 which therefore implies all acts by illegally foreign agents of the British Territorial United States are legally invalid  and due no consent by any American. I appreciate that some may say we agreed to all this BS because of some tacit agreement, adhesion contract et al! To this I say bollocks! Show me the meeting of the minds, the fair consideration, the two party wet ink contract whereby any American agreed to be a slave to the unholy Luciferian Roman cult!



The Luciferian un-Holy Roman cult Business Model:

 The Four Ways the so called Elite control the masses:

Time to choose where you want to live America - under the Roman cult as a United Nations Debt Slave or under American self Governance as intended by the founders!

Remember all US Courts are ran by CROWN agents and their job is to thieve your life, property, rights and children from you by deception/fraud for their masters, the unholy Roman Cult which is who they actually work for.

The President and those alligned with him and the American cause are strongly encouraged to read the following:



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In China in 1927 l helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.
I had a swell racket. l was rewarded with honors, medals, promotions. l might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate a racket in three city districts. The Marines operated on three continents."
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