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The inspiration for IDP came from my associate Jacquie Figg who called the undersigned to discuss the realization that she had that Americans have been converted through fraudulent, unlawful legal process in to an Internally Displaced People by what people think is an American we the people Government.

I am pleased to announce that Jacquie has now taken on the challenge of building out a site to present her ideas concerning the IDP theme, solutions to our Displacement reality and to help people deal with the predicament that we find ourselves in.  Please visit Jacquie's new IDP site at: and email jacquie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to join her private group and Tuesday 6.00PM PST Zoom Conference call group.

The content found at and was built to help people awaken to the reality that we have been legally enslaved, betrayed and converted in to an Internally Displaced people. The initial data dump on was research gathered on the Global New World Order conspiracy. IDP/1776Reloaded now represents the Conclusions from 15 years of Investigations in to US – State Governance / “legal system”.


 "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. - Edmund Burke

 It is not the function of the government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error. Robert H. JacksonAmerican Communications Association v. Douds, 339 U.S. 382, 442-43 (1950).

Every American today is being illegally Human Trafficked by the DC United States Corp. for the benefit of the unholy Roman cult so called International Banksters. The DC US Corp. in question being a Vatican unholy Roman Cult creation. Each American has a U.S. Corporate entity created for them without notification by the United States Corp. that they never even knew existed! This entity and legal mechanisms connected to it is used to thieve from us our entire lives! This act evidences sedition, treason, perfidy and fraud and an International War crime for this is the crime of Human Trafficking. Those running the system assume Americans knowingly, willingly elected to become a DC United States Debt Slave to a Luciferian Talmudic Pedophile Baby Murdering Cult created by so called International Bankers! This is the insanity of what is going on under the World Governance system in existence today! To understand what this means read Edward Mandel House Quote on this page:

This very sad and disturbing state of affairs was enabled by the illegitimate Lincoln Administration, a foreign BAR attorney from Illinois who vacated the original states Coordinated United States National government unincorporated / Public Trust in the early 1860's and set in to motion a series of events that later resulted in the creation of an over reaching foreign controlled corporate Territorial styled United States Government Corporation (Modeled after the Roman Empire) that through legal fraud made every American a corporate member of the DC United States (Incorporated) and bound some 80M private rules and codes.  It should be noted that Lincoln was never eligible for Office due to the 1810 Titles of Nobility Act (TONA) – and as a result all acts that he engaged in are a legal Nullity as are all acts post 1819 tainted by any foreign agent in Government that violated TONA! 

Through legal trickery, sedition, fraud, color of Office - color of Authority and color of law Frauds Americans were lifted off the soil violating sacred American Birthrights, shortly after being born and each state National - American National were then trafficked (legally press ganged in violation of the Common Law) in to being a Corporate US PERSON (Dead entity). This is the equivalent of a man being born in London and being forced to take State Papers as if he were a Russian such that he be raised not as an American but as a Russian Communist... or a man being born in France and being made a member of the Icelandic firm Crispy Cream Corp.  This is the absolute absurdity of what has been done to 330,000,000+ Americans by Petty Fogging Shysters (attorneys - all CROWN agtents) who are in fact serving the Talmudic Rothschild Luciferian Roman cult illegally running our nation through the couped Corporate Roman Cult controlled congress.

Note all foreign agents were banned from our nation in 1819 through the Titles of Nobility Act. Please now be very clear which parasites now want America’s guns before the people find out about what you are now learning here and here:

“Law-breakers cannot make law or enforce the law. Every Act, Law, decision, court ruling, treaty, contract and agreement made after enactment of T.O.N.A. Constitutional Amendment (Ratified in 1810, enacted in 1819) made by foreign agents masquerading as government Officers or that stood on prior acts tainted by previous banned foreign agents are a legal nullity and void ab initio, nunc pro tunc”  

– paul james, September 1, A.D. 2019

 ... a law breaker cannot fill an Office be it de facto or de jure  ... if he/she cannot fill an Office then he cannot act in that Office... it is a fact that every de facto Government Office including that of every Attorney in California (likely the same on every state) are legally Invalid [No lawful oath, failure to comply with Cal. B.P.C. 6067, 6068] which means every act they were involved in is legally void.

The later is also the case since every court case names a Phony court never created by the legislature and DOES NOT have affixed to it a Bona-fide Seal mandated by the legislature. This makes every court case and decision a Nullity! 

The entire U.S. legal system is R.I.C.O. and a fraud from end to end. All Americans are being operated on as if all elected to be Inhabitants of the United States (Incorporated) DC Roman cult Corporation instead of people of the United States (unincorporated) which Inhabitant of the United States (Corp.) status is a remnant from the Treaty of Paris and treated as a Crown / Roman subject. The TOP needed to cater two classes of people living in America post the War of Independence. That being "people of the United States" and "Inhabitants of the United States which the later were those British Loyalists that had residence in DC and wanted to remain under British Crown (a.k.a. as Resident).

What we have today in effect is a Crown - Jesuit - Rothschild’s Zionist Luciferian Child Molesting (and worse) Cult owned Government running America that took over our nation at the Civil War which illegally converted every American in to a DC US Corp. Person akin to an Inhabitant, slave, subject of the Crown (note we dare not use the term Citizen since this has also been bastardized by the Petty Fogging Shysters Occupying America). The entire US legal system operates on Talmudic law rather than the English Common Law Codified in California at Cal. Civ. Code 22.2!

Why are acts that violate Constitutional enactments a legal nullity?
It was long ago settled that:

 "An unconstitutional act is not law. It confers no rights, it imposes no duties, it affords no  protections, it creates no office. It is in legal contemplation as inoperative as though it has never been  passed." - Norton v. Shelby County 118 U.S. 425

 "The court follows the decision of the highest court of the state, in construing the constitution and the laws of the state unless they conflict with or impair the efficacy of some principle of the Federal Constitution or of the Federal Statutes or rule of the commercial or general law. The decision of the state court's in questions relating to the existence of its subordinate tribunals and eligibility in elections or appointment of their officers and the passage of its laws are conclusive upon Federal Courts. While acts of de facto incumbent of an office lawfully created by law. An existing or often held to be binding from reasons of public policy. The acts of the person assuming to fill and perform the duties of an office, which  does not exist, can have no validity whatever in law." - Norton v. Shelby County 118 U.S. 425


What do we mean by Americans being an Internally Displaced People?

If you are new to the understanding that America was overthrown since the 1860's and occupied by enemies of the American people then start with here:
This first video exposes the  Black Nobility Roman cult commonly known as the the New World Order Conspiracy. As exposed elsewhere on this site this satanic cult is made up of the Secret Societies, Zionists, Jesuits and all manner of Child abusing Pedophiles and criminals... This parasite class is at war with all life itself and desperately trying to enslave humanity before the people wake up to this ongoing real world plot against all of humanity and stop them in their tracks. 

“Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws.”

Infamous Mayer Amschel Rothschild Quote  ~ Mayer Amschel Rothschild, in 'The Creature from Jekyll Island' (American Opinion Publishing), p. 218

If the above link does not work please click here: 
This is where agents of the UNITED STATES Corp. and its fifty STATE OF ____(STATE)__________ De facto Corporations actually have jurisdiction. That is the 68.34 Square miles of DC. This is expressed in the STATE OF _________(STATE)______________ codes (i.e. in the 29 Corporation codes of the STATE OF CALIFORNIA) as "In this State", "In the State" which means the exterior limits of the physical state of California.  
It does not mean within the physical state of the California. The Red Dot is where the Incorporated States private rules and codes can be applied and enforced against Corporation Members and their own employees. Where DC has jurisdiction is what we call the forum state and this only applies to that which UNITED STATES Corp has physical jurisdiction which for the most part is NOT on the physical union states.
The STATE OF STATE corporations Do Not have jurisdiction on the physical states unless that land was lawfully seeded to the US Corp. which may include military installations, Federal Parks and Forests and some other small Federal Areas within a physical state.
DC US and STATE OF STATE Jurisdiction is the 68.34 Square miles of DC (originally 100) in the location of the Red Dot in the image below.
Despite this fact foreign agents of this little DC enclave (US Corp., STATE OF STATE Corp.) claim they have jurisdiction over some 330,000,000+ Corporation members across the u. s. of A. who were deceived, hoodwinked and legally Press Ganged in to becoming a member of DC located US Corp. through one of its fifty Sub Corporations.
None of these Sub-Corporations represent the original jurisdiction physical states which because of the aforementioned fraud remain legally void of state nationals! Obviously this little sham is a complete fraud and based on Common law doctrine legally invalid.
Legally speaking what is a DC UNITED STATES Citizen?
Americans have been brainwashed by CIA Mockingbird media with labels that most do not properly process or even hear. When CIA Mockingbird media and Government wants to promote patriotism, national identity they talk about those in America as being Americans yet, when government agents legally addresses Americans in a legal setting or wants to steal from us, or have us volunteer to pay taxes (that Americans do not in fact owe) then they call us US Citizens which is a Citizen of DC US Corp.
What is a US Citizen?  Legally speaking a US Citizen is regarded as a thing called a Person. A person is better thought of as an Officer of a Corporate entity, a Corporate Persona which is treated as legally dead.  When you go to court this is what is Written as the Defendant, Plaintiff most often in all CAPS! It is not you the living breathing sentient being! The truth hidden from the American people is those born on one of the fifty states are “nationals”, “state nationals”. Americans were never intended to be a Statutory Citizen yet government operates on all Americans as if they are a Statutory Citizen aka UNITED STATES Citizen which is in fact a forced condition of slavery of 300,000,000+ Americans. 
Please refer to these links at Guardian Fellowship,  Rev. for detailed information on this topic. noted that President Obama Admitted in His Farewell Address that “Citizen”is a Public Office, Exhibit #01.018  ; The above “public office” is the ONLY lawful subject of CIVIL legislation or CIVIL enforcement and filling Taxes is VOLUNTARY as admitted by Alex Padilla   If it ISN’T voluntary, then you are a SLAVE and the fraudulent Thirteenth Amendment prohibition (fraudulent because this in not the true 13th Amendment: See here for more on the subject) against involuntary servitude is violated! To “unvolunteer” one simply removes themselves from a domicile on federal territory and thereby becomes a STATUTORY “non-resident non-person” in relation to the national government. The ONLY type of "citizen" he could possibly be talking about in the above video is STATUTORY citizens, not CONSTITUTIONAL/state citizens. For more details on the distinction between CONSTITUTIONAL and STATUTORY citizens see here: 
THIS IS WHERE Americans think they live... or ought to think they live ;-)  ... On one of the Physical Sovereign Nation states equivalent to an Independent country - we the people - de jure Republics. Where each operates under a de Jure constitution and under the common law and exclusive English American Special Equity. These Independent Nations created a Union which was given very limited enumerated powers, like to protect interstate commerce, priovide for the protection of the Nation et al! The current UNITED STATES DC Corp of today is NOT the same The United States of America or the United States government given these rights! Its a Crown - Vatican corporation created between 1868 - 1871 under the Act of 1871 with no chain of title to the four organic acts that founded America or the Union of physical states!  
Where people actual live ...  The following Flags represent CORPORATIONS SUB CORPS of the UNITED STATES Corp. originally created in 1871...under the Act of 1871 The private people on the physical states were made members of these STATE OF STATE Sub corporations a few days after their birth. This has the effect of moving everyone on the states in to DC  US Jurisdiction under Private Rules and codes of the un-Holy Roman cult that created UNITED STATES Corp in 1868 - 1871. It was created to consume and overthrow the Organic states and place everything and everyone under the UNITED STATES Corp through legal sophistry aka fraud. The STATE OF STATE Corporations all operate on private rules and codes of the foreign DC UNITED STATES Corps. All practice Private rules, statutes and codes, which IS NOT LAW and only apply to CORPORATE entities (the people were incorporated with out their knowledge most shortly after birth). All people in this system are foisted in to UNITED STATES tribunals (What they think are courts) which are acting as if they are de jure state courts operating under the common law! They are doing no such thing! Can you see how many people are involved in this scam of the American people! Now all these corporations are under the DC United states represented by the dot on the top image! This fraud and legal sophistry in effect moved everyone on the states to DC and the states to DC! Brilliant scam don't you think 
The ultimate effect of the the system we have been foisted in to is that DC US jurisdiction private rules and codes is UNLAWFULLY being enforced across the entire nation by so called law enforcement! 
Americans are being operated on as if this election to operate as UNITED STATES Citizens and to give their labor, rights was their wish and an act made knowingly. This new UNITED STATES CITIZEN status was a creation of the foreign controlled couped congress! UNITED STATES Citizens are deemed to be subject to the Private rules and codes of the Roman cult DC UNITED STATES and their STATE OF STATE SUB CORPORATION's which are pretending to be an organic state governance - WHICH THEY ARE NOT. 
US Courts operating on the states are foreign military martial tribunals - each a private corporation operated by the European BAR for receivers of the UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY of 1933 THAT THE PEOPLE OR STATES WERE NEVER A PARTY TOO! 
The whole US legal system is a LIE and based on lie after lie after lie! For example, there is no separation of powers under the UNITED STATES Corporation and their is no judiciary! JUDGES are not judges. 
The psychopaths punting this scam on Americans since the 1870's have lied to every generation of Americans, to the children to get Americans to think UNITED STATES is an American we the people governance which it is not. 
Everything you have been told about law enforcement, money, courts, rights, the In-JUST-US system is a lie! If Americans across America knew what the so called UNITED STATES government have been doing to Americans they would have strung the parasites up long ago! [Now you probably understand why Americans have been convinced to adopt a modified version of the CROWN (NOTHING TO DO WITH ENGLAND - for its a separate Nation inside of Greater London under the Vatican)  Corporation East India Corporation Flag all this time! 
If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts.” George H.W. Bush
CROWN EAST INDIA CORPORATION FLAG! (Click on the Flag BELOW to better understand the scam foisted over Americans these last 250 years)
Remember - you live on one of the Couped Sovereign states below! Your duty is to go back to the status you had before you were pledged to the US unholy Roman cult! Americans are now restanding they're Organic physical states under their proper law form. Solutions will provide what you need to no to reclaim your lawful status and help restore your states, county, communities to nature order! 


A good video to aid all in their understanding of the above: The State of the Corrupted:



People of the world, we have all been lied to about everything all of our lives by the same old PARASITIC tribes that have been enslaving and stealing off of humanity for millennia! Everything we have been told by agents of the imposter UNITED STATES CORPORATE de facto government and its NWO Mockingbird media since it foreign CROWN - HOLY SEE agents couped our nation in the 1860's is a lie. The UNITED STATES Corporation manufactured between 1868 - 1871 was the result of a coup our nation in the 1860's by enemies foreign and domestic (BLACK NOBILITY) as spelled out on this site! 

A de facto UNITED STATES government has been unlawfully in place since February 21st, 1871 (Incorporated 1868) created by the CROWN HOLY SEE and the CROWN Corporation of London! It does not actually govern anyone or anything but themselves! Its has NO LAWFUL jurisdiction over the fifty American physical states or the people there on. It only has jurisdiction over its own lawfully contracted members! It is a parasitic entity feeding the creation of a New World Order Global Police State in which the people of the world are seen as the enemy. Sure feels like we are the enemy does it not?

It is a fact that UNITED STATES or its SUB Corps - the fifty STATE OF STATES have absolutely no lawful control over our lives whatsoever yet its actor agents have - until now - controlled our lives by deception, lies, sophistry and the threat of violence. Furthermore we have absolutely no influence over the decisions of its foreign CORPORATE agents, or their “ACTS” (as in acting) that they create for themselves which means that no matter what you or anyone says OUR VOTES DO NOT COUNT! Their agenda is set by the Global Shadow Government.

You know what else this means? “Honest” Abe Lincoln did not Free the slaves - he enslaved every American. His acts catalyzed in to being the foundation of a system of slavery that would include every American regardless of race or gender under the UNITED STATES Corporation, One that now has been exported by our enslavers to almost every nation on Earth except what appears to be Iran, NK, Syria, Yemen and Cuba.  If you think that “this is just a conspiracy theory,” you had better read on. Below is the proof that makes this an actual, factual, deep, dark conspiracy proven by just a handful of documents - The Secret Treaty of Verona 1822, The Titles of Nobility Act a.k.a. TONA 1810, The Act of 1871 creation of US Corp under a counterfeit Constitution [compare with The Organic original constitution (Search U.S.A. v U.S.)]; a look at the Federal Reserve Act original ownership and the Act that created the Dept. of Justice 1870 - HR 1328 which created a whole bunch of Corporate entities masquerading as a Judicial Branch that is ran by the CROWN Temple BAR via the Middles Inns of Court (a violation of the 1810 Titles of Nobility Act).

A nation that does not control its own money system or run its own courts or rely Americans to run its own courts is not sovereign - its a slave to who prints the money and who dictates rules and codes as if they were law. Enemies domestic trusted with OUR we the people governance sold us out to the creators of the UNITED STATES Corp. since its founding. Those than ran the couped congress every since sold us and enslaved every American in to an international scheme of peonage and slavery that emanates from Babylonian times as exposed in the addition of this crime against humanity by one of America's most vile men who described how that enslavement system would function: 

The first proof of the pudding is the existence of the Titles of Nobility Act 1810 enacted in 1819. It further exposes that every agent of the UNITED STATES Corporation and the fifty STATE OF STATE Corporations (US Sub Corps.) OCCUPYING The physical states are engaged in sedition and treason - whether they know it or not and most do not -  for no one can serve a foreign power in American governance by virtue of the enactment of TONA that became law of the land in 1819 which further exposes all those in DE FACTO GOVERNMENT FOREIGN agents and have no lawful authority in America or over America! That includes every BAR attorney, every Duel National Israeli, UN, IMF, Bilderberger, Secret Society et al. Please do the math yourself:

Who is behind this plot: Black Nobility, Holy See - Vatican - Crown Corp. Of London, Jesuits - Rothschilds ZIONISTS. See Unlearn Menu. 

Why should you care: Because those that enslaved you are now genocoding you:  If we do not stop them - one day you and yours may wake up gasping for air or you may not wake up at all! Do you think this is an over reach? ;

[The following excerpt is adapted courtesy of Sovereign warriors: ]

It should be clear that United States is both, a FEDERAL as well as NATIONAL government. It is a federal gov't since it has unlimited jurisdiction over District of Columbia, territories and federal enclaves within States. And it is a national gov't since it has a LIMITED jurisdiction within States, such as interstate commerce and enforcing the national Constitution.

And in most cases the term "United States" means FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, as it is referred to as "IT". So when some law or statute says 'United States" or 'in United States' it means WITHIN THE JURISDICTION of Congress, which DOESN'T include the States of the Union, except for the few exceptions given to it by the national Constitution.

You can see it for example in the IRS Code (Title 26), which ONLY applies within the jurisdiction of Congress, and to US persons. And state Citizens are NOT US persons, since they don't live in United States but in one of the 'several states', and States of the Union are NOT within Congress's unlimited jurisdiction.

Another place where you can see it is the Federal Statutes Annotated, which was published in 1906 and explains in detail things like the 14th Amendment. You can get it for about $30 on Amazon, although it's sold mostly by one UK seller so it takes weeks to get. You also can find it online, digitized by Google here:

And here is a search for the term 'United States' within that publication. You can see that in most cases it refers to United States as IT, i.e. a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. I.e. being in United States means being UNDER THE JURISDICTION of federal gov't. ONLY the term 'continental United States' means the States of the United States.

Here's a pic from the Fed. Stat. Annot.:

You can also see it in the Gold Reserve Act of 1934:
"SEC. 15. As used in this Act the term "United States" means the Government of the United States; the term "the continental United States "means the States of the United States, the District of Columbia, and the Territory of Alaska; the term "currency of the United States "means currency which is legal tender in the United States, and includes United States notes, Treasury notes of 1890, gold certificates, silver certificates, Federal Reserve notes, and circulating notes of Federal Reserve banks and national banking associations; and the term "person" means any individual, partnership, association, or corporation, including the Federal Reserve Board, Federal Reserve banks, and Federal Reserve agents. "

So when the IRS Code or most other federal legislation says 'in United States', it DOES NOT mean in the States of the United States.

HOWEVER, you should realize that ZIP code areas are FEDERAL REGIONS and IRS revenue districts, as they are NOT on the land that a State of the Union has jurisdiction over. In ZIP code areas there is no California or Texas or Florida, just federal, corporate STATES or regions such as CA, TX, and FL.

The United States is domestic and a "domestic location". The fifty-states (fifty republics) are all "non domestic."  What's included in the term "United States" is the following:

1) The District of Columbia
2) Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
3) U.S. Virgin Islands
4) Guam
5) American Samoa 
6) Northern Mariana Islands
7) Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
8) Military bases within the several states
9) Federal agencies within the several states and other enclaves.

It does not include the 50 Union states" as is confirmed by the following:

"We have in our political system a Government of the United States and a government of each of the several States. Each one of these governments is distinct from the others and each has citizens of its own who owe it allegiance, and whose rights, within its jurisdiction, it must protect. The same person may be at the same time a citizen of the United States and a Citizen of a State, but his rights of citizenship under one of these governments will be different from those he has under the other." Slaughter House Cases [United States vs. Cruikshank, 92 U.S. 542 (1875)].

BTW, this quote should tell you that UNLESS you CLAIM State Citizenship rights when inhabiting upon the soil of a physical republic state, YOU'RE NOT GONNA GET THEM, since you're assumed (and most presume) you are a federal US citizen, which gives you DIFFERENT rights and privileges. The point is we were all deceived in to believing there was only one form of citizenship and that was citizenship of Babylon Roman styled Satanic cult of DC - aka a US Citizen! 

[End Excerpt]

Internal Displacement from the American IDP perspective is where the entire American people on all Fifty Independent Nation states (created as foreign countries) have been lifted of the land in to a slave condition through legal treachery enabled on lies, fraud, deceit, sedition, treason by what people think is a lawful American government which it is no such thing. Americans and all people of the world today have unknowingly, unwittingly been subjected to a deliberate, unlawful, heinous fraud by a foreign tribe of parasitic people that are guided by a lunatic - satanic - talmudic - jesuitical belief system. This parasitic tribe has openly conspired against America and its people since 1776 to enslave America and the people of the world under a foreign legal system and process deceptively designed to enslave to capture the function of banking globally and through it, the commercial energy of the American people by pledging our future labor (our entire output and all property) from cradle to grave to a foreign power that since 1933 claims ownership of ALL property owned by the American people (home, car, children, Bonds, Stocks et al). The parasites running this system have openly committed to destroying America and the American system of representative governance as was admitted in the Secret Treaty of Verona 1822 read in congress in 1916.  

The process used to enslave Americans was invented and enacted by seditionists and traitors of the CROWN BAR - Holy See - Jesuits et al  [cf. disclosed here] banned from ever taking a government office in America under TONA Amendment XIII enacted in 1810 and ratified by 1819. Ratified more than 100+ years before the enslavement process was enacted in American in 1933 that made all Americans an Enemy of the State and a DEBT SLAVE to the Rothschilds Crown Corporation - Holy See Criminal Cabal enacted March 9th 1933 under the Emergency Banking Relief Act and Trading with the Enemy Act (III). TONA is still law of the land and yet we have 1.2 MILLION BAR attorneys illegally operating in America today and per the law of TONA, they are deemed as engaged in sedition and treason! 

Foreign agents banned by TONA are masquerading as a we the people government. They are running a (pseudo faux) de facto government called UNITED STATES in which its agents have pretended that their foreign bankrupted DC FEDERAL corporation [See Title 28 Section 3002 (15) (A) ] is a we the people organic American government since the 1860's, which of course - it is not. 

This UNITED STATES FEDERAL Corporation was created as a DC limited jurisdiction government ONLY for DC under the Act of 1871.

Its foreign cabalistic agents have claimed that all the American people outside of its jurisdiction on the land of of the fifth Free and Independent American states all volunteered to VOID their their natural rights to their Organic laws of the land (that took 6,000 years to secure) that created The United States of America and the Union, when they were just a few days old. It has also claimed all the states as if it were the property of DC UNITED STATES which since 1947 is under UN/IMF control since the Breton Woods Accord! This was all done with out any we the people delegated authority! This is also a fraud since DC UNITED STATES only has jurisdiction over the act that created it which is DC now 68.34 Square miles! All other jurisdiction claimed outside DC is a fraud [cf. Search IDP: "In this state, in the state"].

The act of American enslavement is unknowingly enacted by our mothers when they fill out what they are told is a birth certificate hours after they have delivered a new born. The true nature of the document is kept from our parents  which is an act of prima facie fraud and a common law crime involving unlawful conversion, personage et al. Because of this act of FRAUD, sedition and treason Government agents suggest that the American Wo/men as they mature past 18 knowingly, willingly elected to give away their inherent unalienable rights, sacred protections that are birth rights of every American national - state national which is of course a preposterous claim. Of course the CROWN plantation school system never educates Americans on their natural rights or that of status of a US Citizen v a private American nation - state national. After all, you can not be educating a population that you which to enslave! 

BAR attorneys warring with America running US Corporate courts stand on these elections as willing acts of the American people (who have no idea that any of these frauds occurred or that they had any choice to be an American over a DC DEBT SLAVE called a UNITED STATES Citizen). Court Administrators (NOT JUDGES) are knowledgable of these fraud and rely on them to ignore the inherent unalienable rights of the private American nationals and state nationals that through the birth certificate scam were converted in to DC UNITED STATES Citizens which is in fact a DEAD entity, a decedent, franchise. They are never operated on the US Star chamber courts - kangaroo courts as a live flesh blood living wo/man. In this way - the courts treat the people as CORPORATE FICTIONS with no unalienable rights! 

Because of this fraud these de facto government actors - even though they say they have sworn an oath to protect and defend the constitution ignore its protections which were designed to limit the role of Government from acting ultra vires. Ignoring the law allows the COURTS - GOVERNMENT to generate money out of charging us for crimes that are not crimes under American common law system! Unbeknown to Americans - every American has a Foreign Situs TRUST created in their name that accrues in value! It is funds from these Trusts that the Judges/Clerks of the court are looking to thieve! 

What is in fact in evidence is through acts of deceit, sedition and treason our parents were tricked in to signing documents shortly after the birth of a child in which the future labor of a child is pledged to a foreign power (HOLY SEE) that is the traditional enemy of these The United States of America and a free Independent people. The same enemies that we fought at the War of Independence have enslaved us through legal treachery which is why the framers enacted TONA to head off this expected fraud by the CROWN. Because of TONA we now have the parasites in a check mate! 

Government seditionists and traitors banned from every operating in America pursuant to TONA claim that because of the acts of their FOREIGN CORPORATION after TONA that can claim the property of AMERICANS through the birth certificate scam, and that Americans no longer have any rights under the Organic laws that founded America and the states which are under American common law and not subject to the private foreign Roman Civil law - admiralty law of DC!   Of course - these claims are moronic at best yet the BARstitutes stick to them! 

In hindsight the entire claims that Americans have endured since seditionists and traitors infiltrated this nation in the 1860's violating TONA is monumentally legally INVALID for any act based on fraud is legally invalid [cf. FRAUD].   Those enacting these private rules and codes of a foreign corporation NEVER had the delegated authority to enact them over the sovereign American people! It is a maxim of law that the law does not allow for impossibilities and what CROWN BAR agents have enacted over America through fraud, sedition and treason is to impose the impossible! 

To use an analogy,  The FRENCH can't vote Away the Rights of Russians! What the BAR agents claim here is no different! DC is a foreign NATION To the all fifty Independent Nations states of America and yet agents of a corporation in DC claimed that it has the right to vote away the sacred unalienable rights of 300M+ Americans through acts of fraud, sedition and treason and to ignore positive law. The DC UNITED STATES has no lawful chain of titles to the organic acts that founded the nation and never had a claim to CLAIM the American people or the states. The claim is absurd!

Despite the absurdity of this situation - BAR CROWN operated US Private for profit courts OCCUPYING America and keeping Americans in a condition of MIXED WAR are illegally operating in America and their agents still cling to these insane claims and operate on the American people as if we were CROWN DC UNITED STATES SUBJECTS, and as if we do not exist in the real world, as if we are pieces of paper! Last I looked the people came to America to get away from this garbage thinking of the parasites that stand behind the HOLY SEE and CROWN Corps! 

It is time for the American people to ignore that which has no authority over them and that was never created with the peoples delegated authority. The people must go back to the land from where we originated cloaked with our sacred Birth Right protections. People simply need to ignore those that have no authority in entirety and have lost themselves in their own delusions! 

It is through these fraudulent legal mechanisms that the American people have been Internally displaced from their Organic and Natural rights and the American common law. Yet - if we look at the claims of the foreigners foisting them over us and denying us our sacred rights we can see that their claims are a fraud and legally invalid! Everything done to Americans by these seditionists and traitors is based on belief, not law! Its all fraud and legally VOID! Every act by this parasite class post TONA must be reversed! The American people must stop believing in FAUX Government or that it has any authority over the American people or to do that which it has done over the last 150 Years! 

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NOTE: At this time I have not had a chance to cross reference topics in this text to articles that explain them posted across this website and others. However - ALL KEYS to the fraud have been extensively covered on this site. If there is something you do not understand then simply enter it into the search BAR at the left margin! 


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It has been a challenge to find a balance in writing this page between providing enough information to wake people up without overwhelming readers with so much data and proofs that they get lost before the penny drops!  What is presented here is proof that a global criminal cartel has already overthrown our organic sovereign governments and is now openly engaged in genociding away the global populous using Quiet Weapon - Silent War technology in what is a Mixed war on all people of the world. The cabal has targeted  90% of the global populous for termination as they have widely publicized:

A more detailed explanation can be found here:  


Georgia Guidestones:                    

In a bid to provide sufficient proofs on these agenda's it is very easy to bury readers with the facts. As a result of this, the original detailed Introduction found on this page has now been purged away to another side page. It is highly recommended that people review the document  once they have on-boarded the information below. 

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